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Name: FANG Rongxiang (Professor)
Title: Member of the CAS; Professor and Director of The Department of Agricultural Microbiology and Biotechnology; Principal Investigator of Regulation of Gene Expression and Plant Biotechnology Group
Dept.: Agricultural Microbiology & Biotechnology; State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics
Tel: +86-10-64858245
Fax: +86-10-64858245
E-mail: fangrx@im.ac.cn
Add.: Room 318 Building 1, Institute of Genetics & Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, No.2 Yard 1 West Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R. China

Prof. Fang was born in Shanghai, graduated from Department of Chemistry, Fudan University in 1967. He was the director of IMCAS from 2000 to 2004 and elected a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2003 and a member of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) in 2007. So far, he has published more than 80 papers. Selected papers are below.

 International Experiences:

1979-1981         Visiting Scholar in Laboratory of Molecular Biology,

                   The State University of Ghent, Belgium.

1985-1988         Visiting Scientist in Laboratory of Plant Molecular Biology,

                   The Rockefeller University, USA.

1989-1995         Rockefeller Foundation Biotechnology Career Fellowship.

Research interests:

1. Plant virology

2. Plant pathogen-host interactions

3. Disease-resistant transgenic plants and plant bioreactors

Awards & Honors:


Awards and Honors Title



Science and Technology Advancement Prize awarded by The Holeung Ho Lee Foundation



Young and Middle-aged expert with Outstanding Contributions titled by Ministry of Personnel



Science and Technology Advancement Prize first-class awarded by Chiense Academy of Sciences



Science and Technology Advancement Prize first-class awarded by Henan Province



Science and Technology Advancement Prize first-class awarded by Chiense Academy of Sciences



Science and Technology Advancement Prize Second-class awarded by Chiense Academy of Sciences



Science and Technology Advancement Prize Second-class awarded by Chiense Academy of Sciences


Selected Publications and Books:

Selected Publications:

[1] Zhang Jingxi, Kan Jinhong, Zhang Jieqiong, Guo Ping, Chen Xiaoying, Fang Rongxiang*, and Jia Yantao*. 2012. Synergistic Activation of the Pathogenicity-Related Proline Iminopeptidase Gene in Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris by HrpX and a LuxR Homolog. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 7069-7074.

[2] Lina Wang#,Yunfeng Liu#, Yuman Zhang*, Rongxiang Fang, Qinglin Liu*. The Expression level of Rosa Terminal Flower 1 (RTFL1) is related with recurrent flowering in Roses. Molecular Biology Reports  39: 3737-3746, 2012

[3] Sadia Hamera, Xiaoguang Song, Lei Su, Xiaoying Chen*, Rongxiang Fang*.
Cucumber Mosaic Virus suppressor 2b binds to AGO4-related small RNAs and impairs AGO4 activities.
The Plant Journal  69: 104-115, 2012

[4] Yuman Zhang, Yongsheng Yan, Lina Wang, Kun Yang, Na Xiao, Yunfeng Liu, Yaping Fu, Zongxiu Sun, Rongxiang Fang and Xiaoying Chen*.
A novel rice gene, NRR responds to macronutrient deficiency and regulates root growth.
Molecular Plant  5: 63-72, 2012

[5] Yuman Zhang, Yumei Zheng, Na Xiao, Lina Wang, Yao Zhang, Rongxiang Fang, Xiaoying Chen*.
Functional analysis of the HS185 regulatory element in the rice HSP70 promoter.
Molecular Biology Reports  39: 1649-1657, 2012

[6] Hui Zhu, Chengguo Duan, Weina Hou, Quansheng Du, Dianqiu Lv, Rongxiang Fang and Huishan Guo*
Satellite RNA-derived satsiR-12 targeting the 3' UTR of Cucumber mosaic virus triggers viral RNAs for degradation
Journal of Virology  85: 13384-13397, 2011

[7] Weina Hou#, Chengguo Duan#, Rongxiang Fang, Xiaoyang Zhou*, Huishan Guo*
Satellite RNA reduces expression of the 2b suppressor protein resulting in the attenuation of symptoms caused by Cucumber mosaic virus infection.
Molecular Plant Pathology  12: 595-605, 2011

[8] Hong Liang, Ying-Tao Zhao, Jie-Qiong Zhang, Xiu-Jie Wang, Rong-Xiang Fang*, Yan-Tao Jia*
Identification and functional characterization of small non-coding RNAs in Xanthomonas oryzae pathovar oryzae
BMC Genomics  12: 87, 2011

[9] Yanmei Yang, Xia Li, Hui Yang, Yuan Qian, You Zhang, Rongxiang Fang* and Xiaoying Chen*.
Immunogenicity and virus-like particle formation of Rotavirus capsid proteins produced in transgenic plants.
Science in China (Series C)  54: 82-89, 2011

[10] Yongsheng Yan, Xiaoying Chen, Kun Yang, Zongxiu Sun, Yaping Fu, Yuman Zhang*, Rongxiang Fang*.
Over-expression of an F-box protein gene reduces abiotic stress tolerance and promotes root growth in rice.
Molecular Plant  4: 190-197, 2011

[11] Yongsheng Yan, Yuman Zhang, Kun Yang, Zongxiu Sun, Yaping Fu, Xiaoying Chen* and Rongxiang Fang*.
Small RNAs from MITE-derived stem-loop precursors regulate ABA signaling and abiotic stress responses in rice.
The Plant Journal  65: 820-828, 2011

[12] Li Wang, Lili Zhang, Yunfeng Geng, Wei Xi, Rongxiang Fang*, Yantao Jia*
XerR, a negative regulator of XccR in Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris, relieves its repressor function in planta
Cell Research  
21:1131-1142, 2011.

[13] Xiaobao Ying, Li Dong, Hui Zhu, Chengguo Duan, Quansheng Du, Dianqiu Lv, Yuanyuan Fang, Juan Antonio Garcia, Rongxiang Fang and Huishan Guo*
RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase 1 from Nicotiana tabacum Suppresses RNA Silencing and Enhances Viral Infection in Nicotiana benthamiana
The Plant Cell
 22: 1358-1372, 2010.

[14] Fujie Zhang, Hongyan Guo, Huajun Zheng, Tong Zhou, Yijun Zhou, Shengyue Wang, Rongxiang Fang, Wei Qian*, Xiaoying Chen*
Massively parallel pyrosequencing-based transcriptome analyses of small brown planthopper (Laodelphax striatellus), a vector insect transmitting rice stripe virus (RSV)
BMC Genomics  11:303, 2010 (http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2164/11/303).

[15] JianYe, Jing Qu, Jianfeng Zhang, Yunfeng Geng and Rongxiang Fang*.
A critical domain of the Cucumber mosaic virus 2b protein for RNA silencing suppressor activity.
FEBS Letters   583: 101-106, 2009.

[16] Yanmei Li, Zhongkai Zhang, Yantao Jia, Yuemao Shen, Hongping He, Rongxiang Fang, Xiaoying Chen* and Xiaojiang Hao*.
3-acetonyl-3-hydroxyoxindole: a new inducer of systemic acquired resistance in plants.
Plant Biotechnology Journal   6: 301-308, 2008.

[17] ChengGuo Duan, ChunHan Wang, RongXiang Fang, HuiShan Guo*.
Artificial MicroRNAs Highly Accessible to Targets Confer Efficient Virus resistance in Plants.
Journal of Virology   82: 11084-11095, 2008.

[18] Yun Xu, Jian Ye#, Huajie Liu, Enjun Cheng, Yang Yang, Wenxing Wang, Manchun Zhao, Dejian Zhou, Dongsheng Liu* and Rongxiang Fang.
DNA-templated CMV viral capsid proteins assemble into nanotubes.
Chemical Communications   1: 49-51, 2008.

[19] Quansheng Du, Chengguo Duan, Zhong-Hui Zhang, Yuanyuan Fang, Rongxiang Fang, Qi Xie, and Huishan Guo*.
DCL4 targets Cucumber mosaic virus satellite RNA at novel secondary structures.
Journal of Virology   81: 9142-9151, 2007.

[20] Yanmei Li, Yantao Jia, Zhongkai Zhang, Xiaoying Chen, Hongping He, Rongxiang Fang* and Xiaojiang Hao*.
Purification and characterization of a new ribosome inactivating protein from cinchonaglycoside C-treated tobacco leaves.
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology  49: 1327-1333, 2007.

[21] Jian Ye, Lixin Liu, Yuan Xue, Jing Qu, Guangxia Gao* and Rongxiang Fang*.
Efficient depletion of multiple SARS-CoV mRNAs by a single small interfering RNA targeting the leader sequence
Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics
  34: 1092-1100, 2007.

[22] Lei Su, Shang Gao, Yanwei Huang, Chaoqun Ji, Dickson Wang, Yun Ma, Rongxiang Fang and Xiaoying Chen*.
Complete genomic sequence of Dracaena mottle virus, a distinct badnavirus.
Virus Genes  35: 423-429, 2007.

[23] Jing Qu, Jian Ye and Rongxiang Fang*.
Artificial MicroRNA-Mediated Virus Resistance in Plants.
Journal of Virology  81: 6690-6699, 2007.

[24] Lili Zhang, Yantao Jia, Li Wang and Rongxiang Fang*.
A proline iminopeptidase gene upregulated in planta by a LuxR homologue is essential for pathogenicity of Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris.
Molecular Microbiology  65: 121-136, 2007.

[25] Yanmei Li, Lihua Wang, Shunlin Li, Xiaoying Chen, Yuemao Shen, Zhongkai Zhang, Hongping He, Wenbo Xu, Yuelong Shu, Guodong Liang, Rongxiang Fang*, and Xiaojiang Hao*.
Seco-pregnane steroids target the subgenomic RNA of alphavirus-like RNA viruses.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA  104: 8083-8088, 2007.

[26] Hongge Jia, Yongqin Pang, Xiaoying Chen*, Rongxiang Fang.
Removal of the selectable marker gene from transgenic tobacco plants by expression of Cre recombinase from a Tobacco Mosaic Virus vector through agroinfection.
Transgenic Research  15: 375-384, 2006.

[27] Qihong Sun, Jun Hu, Guixiu Huang, Chao Ge, Rongxiang Fang and Chaozu He*.
Type II secretion pathway structural gene xpsE is required for xylanase- and cellulase- secretion and virulence in Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae.
Plant Pathology  54: 15-21, 2005.

[28] Wei Qian, Yantao Jia, Shuang-Xi Ren, Yong-Qiang He, Jia-Xun Feng, Ling-Feng Lu, Qihong Sun, Ge Ying, Dong-Jie Tang, Hua Tang, Wei Wu, Pei Hao, Lifeng Wang, Bo-Le Jiang, Shenyan Zeng, Wen-Yi Gu, Gang Lu, Li Rong, Yingchuan Tian, Zhijian Yao, Gang Fu, Baoshan Chen, Rongxiang Fang, Boqin Qiang, Zhu Chen, Guo-Ping Zhao, Ji-Liang Tang, and Chaozu He.
Comparative and functional genomic analyses of the pathogenicity of phytopathogen Xanthomonas campestris pv. campestris.
Genome Research  15: 757-767, 2005.

[29] Y.W. Huang, Y.F. Geng, X.B. Ying, X.Y. Chen and R.X. Fang*.
Identification of a movement protein of rice yellow stunt rhabdovirus.
Journal of Virology  79: 2108-2114, 2005.

[30] H.N.Guo, X.Y.Chen, H.L.Zhang, R.X.Fang, Z.Q.Yuan, Z.S.Zhang, Y.C.Tian*.
Characterization and activity enhancement of the phloem- specific pumpkin PP2 gene promoter.
Transgenic Research  13: 559-566, 2004.

[31] L.H. Wang, Y.W. He, Y.F. Gao, J.E. Wu, Y.H. Dong, C.Z. He, S.X. Wang, L.X. Weng, J.L. Xu, L. Tay, R.X. Fang and L.H. Zhang*.
A bacterial cell-cell communication signal with cross-kingdom structural analogues.
Molecular Microbiology  51: 903-912, 2004.

[32] Q.H. Sun, W. Wu, W. Qian, J. Hu, R.X. Fang, C.Z. He*.
High-quality mutant libraries of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae and X. campestris pv. campestris generated by an efficient transposon mutagenesis system.
FEMS Microbiology Letters  226: 145-150, 2003.

[33] Y.W. Huang, H. Zhao, Z.L. Luo, X.Y. Chen and R.X. Fang*.
Novel structure of the Rice yellow stunt nucleorhabdovirus genome: identification of the gene 6-encoded virion protein.
Journal of General Virology  84: 2259-2264, 2003.

[34] H.G. Jia, Y.Q. Pang, R.X. Fang*.
Agroinoculation as a simple way to deliver a tobacco mosaic virus-based expression vector.
Acta Botanica Sinica  45: 770-773, 2003.

[35] Z.Z. Liu, J.L. Wang, Q. Wang, X. Huang, W.H. Xu, L.H. Zhu, P. He and R.X. Fang*.
Structure, expression pattern and chromosomal localization of the rice Osgrp-2 gene.
Science in China  46: 584-594, 2003.

[36] Z.Z. Liu, J.L. Wang, X. Huang, W.H. Xu, Z.M. Liu, R.X. Fang*.
The promoter of a rice glycine-rich protein gene, Osgrp-2, confers vascular-specific expression in transgenic plants.
Planta  216: 824-833, 2003.

[37] W.Q. Cai, R.X. Fang*, H.S. Shang, X. Wang, F.L. Zhang, Y.R. Li, J.C. Zhang, X.Y. Cheng, G.L. Wang, K.Q. Mang.
Development of CMV-and TMV-resistant chili pepper: field performance and biosafety assessment.
Molecular Breeding  11: 25-35, 2003.

[38] Wangli Lei, Rongxiang Fang*, Guohua Zhang, Xiaoying Chen, Xiaoqin Zhang.
ecombination with coat protein transgene in a complementation system based on Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV).
Science in China (Series C)  44: 263-273, 2001.

[39] Xinguo Wang, Guohua Zhang, Chuanxuan Liu, Yanhong Zhang, Chengzu Xiao, Rongxiang Fang*.
Purified cholera toxin B subunit from transgenic tobacco plants possesses authentic antigenicity.
Biotechnology and Bioengineering  72: 490-494, 2001.

[40] Qun Wang, Xiaoying Chen, Zongli Luo and Rongxiang Fang *.
Sequence analysis of leader and trailer regions of rice yellow stunt rhabdovirus and characterization of their in vivo transcripts.
Science in China (C)  42: 50-56, 1999.

[41] Z.L.Luo and R.X.Fang*.
Structure analysis of the rice yellow stunt rhabdovirus glycoprotein gene and its MRNA.
Arch.Virol.  143: 2453-2459, 1998.

[42] Zongli Luo, Xiaoying Chen, Dongming Gao, Rongxiang Fang*.
The gene 4 of rice yellow stunt rhabdovirus encodes the matrix protein.
Virus Genes  16:277-280, 1998.

[43] N.H. Cheng, R.X. Fang*, Z.Q. Pu and Z.D. Fang.
Complete nucleotide sequence of a new satellite RNA associated with cucumber mosaic virus inducing tomato necrosis.
Science in China (Series C)  40: 443-448, 1997.

[44] Q. Wang and R.X. Fang*.
Structure and expression of a rice hsp70 gene.
Science in China (Series C)  39: 291-299, 1996

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Structure of the nucleocapsid protein gene of rice yellow stunt rhabdovirus.
Virology  204: 367-375, 1994.

[46] Rong-Xiang Fang, Zhen Pang, Dong-Ming Gao, Ke-Qiang Mang and Nam-Hai Chua*.
cDNA sequence of a virus-inducible, glycine-rich protein gene from rice.
Plant Molecular Biology  17: 1255-1257, 1991.

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cDNA sequence of the 3’-coding region of PVY genome (the Chinese isolate).
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Transgenic tobacco plants resistant to infection of both tobacco mosaic virus and cucumber mosaic virus.
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Site- specific mutations alter in vitro factor binding and change promoter expression pattern in transgenic plants.
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Multiple cis-regulatory elements for maximal expression of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter in transgenic plants.
The Plant Cell  1: 141-150, 1989.

[52] C. Hemenway, R-X. Fang, W. Kaniewski, N-H. Chua, N. Tumer.
Analysis of the mechanism of protection in transgenic plants expressing the potato virus X coat protein or its antisense RNA.
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[53] M. Cuozzo, K.M. O’Connell, W. Kaniewski, R-X. Fang, N-H. Chua, N.E. Tumer*.
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[54] R-X. Fang, W. Min Jou, D. Huylebroeck, R.Devos, W. Fiers.
Complete structure of A/duck/Ukraine/63 influenza hemagglutinin gene: animal virus as progenitor of human H3 Hong Kong 1968 influenza hemagglutinin.
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Complete structure of the hemagglutinin gene from the human influenza A/Victoria/3/75(H3N2) strain as determined from loned cDNA.
Cell  19: 683-696, 1980.


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