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Name: TIEN Po (Professor)
Title: Principle Investigator of Major Viruses and Its Immunity Research Group
Dept.: CAS Key Laboratory of Pathogenic Microbiology and Immunology
Tel: +86-10-64807520
E-mail: tienpo@im.ac.cn
Add.: NO.1 West Beichen Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R.China
Prof. TIEN received funding on a series of projects related to molecular virology and molecular immunology including national projects, such as 973 projects, 863 projects, Gongguan projects etc. He also tasked international collaborative projects and joint projects with industry. He published more than 100 research papers on international SCI journals and published 8 books. He also applied for several patents, and five China patents and one US patent of them were granted. He won the Natural Science and Science & Technology Advancement Awards from China and from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has also received the HLHL PRIZE of Science & Technology Advancement in 1999. And he was selected as an Asian famous scientist by the Asia-Pacific Biotech News in 1999. He was recommended for full membership in the America Society for Virology. He is a life member of the Indian Virological Society.  

Research interests:
The group is mainly interested in molecular mechanism of HBV T-cell immunity and enveloped virus-cell fusion. In early research, his group was mainly focused on plant viruses and subvirus. The group is the first one in the world to have successfully applied viral satellite RNA as biological control agents to prevent plant diseases in the field. And their work provided the first  example of ribozyme that can completely inhibit a viroid pathogen in transgenic potato plants. In recent years, the laboratory is mainly interested in molecular mechanism of HBV T-cell immunity and enveloped virus-cell fusion.
Awards & Honors:

Twice for prizes of the National Natural Science and Science & Technology Advancement Award; Five times for prizes of the Natural Science and Science & Technology Advancement Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Three times for Province Prize; the HLHL PRIZE of Science & Technology Advancement in 1999; Asia outstanding scientist selected by Asia-Pacific Biotech News in 1999.  

Selected Publications and Books:

[1] Yong Chen, Feng Gao, Fuliang Chu, Hao Peng, Lili Zong, Yiwei Liu, Po Tien, George F. Gao. Crystal structure of myeloid cell activating receptor leukocyte lg-like receptor A2 (LILRA2/IL T1/LIR-7) domain swapped dimer: molecular basis for its non-binding to MHC complexes. J. Mol. Biol., 2009.

[2] Pang W, Wang RR, Yang LM, Liu CM, Tien* P, Zheng* YT. Recombinant protein of heptad-repeat HR212, a stable fusion inhibitor with potent anti-HIV action in vitro. Virology, 377: 80-87, 2008.

[3] Su Yan,Po Tien*, Analysis of a point mutation of H5N1 avian influenza virus hemagglutinin in relation to virus entry into live mammalian cells, Archives of Virology, 153(12): 2253-61, 2008.

[4] Yan Su, Xiaodong Zhu, Yao Wang, Min Wu, Po Tien*, Evaluation of the Glu11 and Gly8 of H5N1 influenza hemagglutinin fusion peptide for membrane fusion using reverse genetics, Archives of Virology,153(2): 247-257, 2008.

[5] Yan Su,Huaiyi Yang, Baojiang Zhang, Xiaoxuan Qi, Po Tian*,  A Dual reporter gene based system to quantitate the cell fusion of avian influenza virus H5N1, Biotechonology letter,30: 73-79, 2008. 

[6] Chang-Mei Liu, Zhuo Yang, Chao-Wu Liu, Rong Wang, Po Tien*  Roderick Dale and Lun-Quan Sun*. Myostatin antisense RNA-mediated muscle growth in normal and cancer cachexia mice. Gene Therapy. 15(3):155-60, 2008.

[7] Zhuo Yang, Jingwu Zhang, Haolong Cong, Zenghong Huang, Lunquan Sun,

Changmei Liu, Po Tien*, A retrovirus-based system to stably silence GDF-8 expression and enhance myogenic differentiation in human rhabdomyosarcoma cell. Journal of Gene Medicine, 10: 825–833, 2008.

[8] Minghai Zhou, Dongping Xu, Xiaojuan Li, Hongtao Li, Ming Shan, Jiaren Tang, Min Wang, Fu-Sheng Wang, Xiaodong Zhu, Hua Tao, Wei He, Po Tien*, and George F. Gao*. Screening and Identification of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Associated Coronavirus-Specific CTL Epitopes, Journal of Immunology, 177(4): 2138-2145, 2006.

[9] Hongtao Li , Minghai Zhou , Jinle Han, Xiaodong Zhu, Tao Dong, George F. Gao , and Po Tien*. Generation of murine CTL by a hepatitis B virus-specific peptide and evaluation of the adjuvant effect of heat shock protein glycoprotein 96 and its terminal fragments. The Journal of Immunology. 174(1):195-204, 2005.

[10] Songdong Meng, Tong Gao, George F Gao, Po Tien. HBV-specific peptide associated with heat-shock protein gp96. The Lancet, 357(9255): 528-529, 2001.


Selected Patents:

1. Bo Tian, Songdong Meng, George F. Gao, Hepatitis B virus (HBV) antigenic polypeptide-heat shock protein complex and use thereof, ZL 01 1 04060.2,2003.
2. George F. Gao, Bo Tian, Jieqing Zhu, Gengfu Xiao, Congyi Zheng. Polypeptide agent for inhibiting SARS coronavirus and its derivatives and use thereof. ZL 03 1 36220.6,2005.
3. Bo Tian, Songdong Meng, George F. Gao. Complex of hepatitis B virus-specific antigenic peptides associated with heat shock proteins and the application thereof. US 7247 712 B2, Jul.24, 2007.
4. Bo Tian, George F. Gao, Ling Ni. Three-helix protein and its coding genes for inhibiting HIV-1 and use thereof. ZL200510064469.2, 2007.
5. Bo Tian, Shaoman Yin, Huaiyi Yang. An isoform of prion protein derived from recombinant fusing protein and its application. ZL03130685.3, 2007.  

6. Po Tien,George F. Gao, Hongtao Li, Yuxia Zhang, Minghai Zhou. An immuno-adjuvant and its application in anti-viral vaccine and drugs. ZL2004 1 0069192.8,2009.

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