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Name: XIA Guixian
Title: Ph.D; Principle Investigator of Identification and Characterization of the Plant Genes Controlling Important Agronomic Traits
Dept.: State Key Laboratory of Plant Genomics
Tel: +86-10-64845674
E-mail: xiagx@im.ac.cn
Add.: No.1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P.R. China

Ph.D. (1993, Geneva University, Switzerland). 

Research Interests:

1. Identification and functional characterization of genes controlling cotton fiber development;

2. Isolation and functional analyses of genes encoding for salt resistance in halophytes; 3. Cloning and functional analyses of genes involved in the cell cycle regulation in plant.

Research interests:
Awards & Honors:

Selected Publications and Books:

[1] WU Xiaomin, YU Yi, HAN Libo, LI Chunli, WANG Haiyun, ZHONG Naiqin, YAO Yuan and XIA Guixian*, 2012, The Tobacco BLADE-ON-PETIOLE 2 Gene Mediates Differentiation of the Corolla Abscission Zone by Controlling Longitudinal Cell Expansion. Plant Physiology 159(2):835-50.

[2] WANG Fang#*, YANG Chunlin#, WANG Lili#,ZHONG Naiqin, WU Xiaomin, HAN Libo, XIA Guixian *. 2012. Heterologous expression of a chloroplast outer envelope protein from Suaeda salsa confers oxidative stress tolerance and induces chloroplast aggregation in transgenic Arabidopsis plants. Plant Cell and Environment 35(3):588-600.

[3] ZHONG Naiqin, HAN Libo, WU Xiaomin, WANG Lili, WANG Fang, MA Yanhe* and XIA Guixian*. 2012. Ectopic Expression of a Bacterium NhaD-type Na+/H+ Antiporter Leads to Increased Tolerance to Combined Salt/Alkali Stresses. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7909.2012.01129.x (cover story).

[4] Fuxin Wang, Yinping Ma, Chunlin Yang, Piming Zhao, Yuan Yao, Guiliang Jian, Yuanming Luo*, Guixian Xia*.2011. Proteomic analysis of the sea-island cotton roots infected by wilt pathogen Verticillium dahliae. Proteomics 11(22):4296-309.

[5] Wang J, Wang HY, Zhao PM, Han LB, Jiao GL, Zheng YY, Huang SJ and Xia GX* (2010) Overexpression of a profilin (GhPFN2) promotes the progression of developmental phases in cotton fibers Plant Cell Physiology 51(8): 1276–1290.

[6] Piming Zhao, Lili Wang, Libo Han, Juan Wang, Yuan Yao, Haiyun Wang, Xiongming Du, Yuanming Luo* and Guixian Xia*. 2010. Proteomic identification of differentially expressed proteins in the Ligon lintless mutant of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.). Journal of Proteome Research 9(2): 1076-1087.

[7] Wang HY, Wang J, Gao P, Jiao GL, Zhao PM, Li Y, Wang GL and Xia GX*(2009) Down-regulation of GhADF1 gene expression affects cotton fibre properties. Plant Biotechnol J. 7(1): 13-23.

[8] Wang F, Zhong NQ, Gao P, Wang GL, Wang HY and Xia GX*(2008)SsTypA1, a chloroplast-specific TypA/BipA-type GTPase from the halophytic plant Suaeda salsa, plays a role in oxidative stress tolerance. Plant Cell and Environment 31(7): 982-94.

[9] Huang QS, Wang HY, Gao P, Wang GY and Xia GX* (2008) Cloning and characterization of a calcium dependent protein kinase gene associated with cotton fiber development. Plant Cell Rep. 27(12):1869-75.

[10] Gao P, Zhao PM, Wang J, Wang HY, Du XM, Wang GL and Xia GX* (2008) Co-expression and preferential interaction between two calcineurin B-Like proteins and a CBL-interacting protein kinase from cotton. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 46(10):935-40.

[11] Liu N, Zhong NQ, Wang GL, Li LJ, Liu LX, He YK, Xia GX* (2007) Cloning and functional characterization of PpDBF1 gene encoding a DRE-binding transcription factor from Physcomitrella patens. Planta 226(4):827-38.

[12] Gao P, Zhao PM, Wang J, Wang HY, Wu XM, Xia GX* (2007) Identification of genes preferentially expressed in cotton fibers: A possible role of calcium signaling in cotton fiber elongation. Plant Science 173:61-69.

[13] Liu N, Chen AP, Wang F, Zhong NQ, Wang HY, Xia GX* (2007) Functional screening of salt stress-related genes from Thellungiella halophila using fission yeast system. Physiologia Plantarum 129: 671-678.

[14] Yu Y, Wang HY, Liu LN, Chen ZL, Xia GX*.(2007) Functional identification of cytokinesis-related genes from tobacco BY-2 cells. Plant Cell Reports 26(7):889-94.

[15] Chen AP, Wang GL, Qu ZL, Lu CX, Liu N, Wang F, Xia GX* (2007) Ectopic expression of ThCYP1, a stress-responsive cyclophilin gene from Thellungiella halophila, confers salt tolerance in fission yeast and tobacco cells. Plant Cell Reports 26:237-245.

[16] Chen AP, Zhong NQ, Qu ZL, Wang F, Liu N, Xia GX* (2007) Specific expression of the salt-responsive glycine-rich protein (AtGRP9) in vascular tissues of Arabidopsis root and its interaction with AtCAD5, a key enzyme involved in lignin biosynthesis. Journal of Plant Research 120:337-343.

[17] Qu ZL, Zhong NQ, Wang HY, Jian GL, Xia GX* (2006) Ectopic expression of the cotton nonsymbiotic hemoglobin gene GhHb1 triggers defense responses and increases disease tolerance in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Physiology 47(8):1058-68.

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[20] Wang HYYu Y, Chen ZL and Xia GX* (2005) Functional characterization of Gossypium hirsutum Profilin 1 gene (GhPFN1) in tobacco suspension cells. Planta, 222(4):594-603.

[21] Li,YLSun J and Xia GX* (2005) Cloning and characterization of an LRR receptor-like protein kinase gene associated with cotton fiber development. MGG 273 (3 ): 217-224.

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